We have more exciting news with Sage Automation announced to exhibit and demonstrate their amazing Matilda, their portable connected bus stops and transit hub at the International Driverless Summit.

To grow the smart, accessible cities of the future we need to make devices, vehicles and infrastructure talk to each other. Today’s autonomous and connected vehicles need connected bus stops to deliver a seamless, tailored passenger experience. That’s why the team at SAGE Automation created Matilda.

Matilda has remote traffic surveillance technology, giving transport planners real-time traffic and passenger data to more efficiently manage the movement of the fleet, ultimately saving operational costs and improving the accuracy of estimated arrival times. Cognitive voice assistance gives Matilda a personality and a voice to communicate and engage with passengers.

Matilda enables communication between people, public transport and driverless vehicle fleets to deliver a seamless, tailored transit service that can interact with the passenger and enhance the transport experience.

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