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This year’s theme of “Forging the Future Today”, will focus on the entire ecosystem driving the development and rollout of future technology and transform the way people live and work in cities and communities both large and small, regional and metropolitan.

Regional Australia will play an essential role in the rollout of future transportation technology particularly in its ability to make transportation, safer, more accessible, and more efficient. Automated road vehicles will deliver other benefits such as, more liveable town and city environments and better access to transport services for those unable to drive. Autonomous vehicles present more diverse opportunities to rural communities: Local businesses could take advantage of future models, and local governments can offer real benefits to rural populations in terms of their mobility. Self-driving buses could run on major routes, linking transportation hubs, hospitals, shopping malls, local government offices and residential areas. Autonomous pods or self-driving taxis will provide last-mile services to users’ doorsteps.

As part of a renewed focus on issues affecting regional areas of Australia, this year’s summit will include an expert panel which will directly address issues such as regional preparedness of driverless technology, smart infrastructure connecting rural areas with metropolitan centres, service delivery, how existing autonomous technology is making a difference in regional communities, and much more. The assembled panel will directly challenge the notion that driverless transportation technology is of no significance to non-metropolitan areas, while also acknowledging the challenges that have delayed its rollout.

Attended by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure: The Hon. Michael McCormack, and NSW Minister for Transport and Roads, Leader of the House: The Hon. Andrew Constance MP, IDVS4 will showcase and demonstrate cutting edge technology in the future transport ecosystem that is relevant for local government. Agritech, mining tech, driverless shuttles, automated drones, personal mobility devices, driverless cars, and much more will all be there to be experienced.

Regional councils are embracing drones as an effective way to automate tasks that are characterised dirty, dull and dangerous. Jackie Dujmovic will be presenting on how drones can automate those tasks by capturing information, which removes the personnel from risk and saves resources and money.  Jackie believes drones will have a major impact on improving safety, the environment and saving lives for rural Australians and across the world. Not just in the future but now.

Other presenters relevant to Local Councils:

  • Randell Iwasaki, Executive Director of the Contra Costa Transportation Authority in California,
  • Tom Alkim – Policy Officer Connected & Automated Driving, European Commission
  • Dr Fengmin Gong – Head of DiDi Labs, Vice President of Security Strategy, DiDi
  • Anne Still  – GM Public Policy and Mobility, Royal Automobile Club of WA”

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